As young women coders, it’s difficult to find jobs or programs that will take coders and expose them to real-world coding environments. We want to provide an experience to help expose these women to possible challenges they may face in interviews, as well as the environments themselves that they might participate and work in.

PixieHacks() will be 12 hours of fun, filled with workshops on a range of topics held by technology professionals at companies like Tumblr and LookBooker, team-building activities to get to know your fellow hackers, and food-overloaded coding!


All hackers must be females who are currently in high school or just graduated from high school.

Teams are capped at 4 people.

Our hackers can come from anywhere, but no travel reimbursements are given.


You can build anything you want! There are no suggestions or boundaries--make whatever your coding heart desires. We do have five prize categories, but their interpretations can be vague, so run with whatever idea your mind creates :)

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Best Overall

Shows basic knowledge of game development.

Best Application/Website

The best overall website, web app, or ios app. Incorporates at least one API or framework. *Use of tumblr framework or API is highly encouraged*

Best Game

The best project overall. This team went above and beyond the call of duty, challenged themselves and solved a problem uniquely.

Best Beginner Hack

Most creative app, website, or game.

Most Innovative Hack

The hack that shows a lot potential using beginner concepts.

Most Popular Hack

This will be conducted by a hacker-wide vote on all of the projects submitted on July 9th. The project with the most votes will win!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

Sign up to be a hacker or a mentor at our website! Any high-school-aged female interested in technology is eligible to be a PixieHacker, and anyone else can apply to be a mentor. All you need is a sense of excitement! :D

Confirmations are sent out before the hackathon is held, including further instructions about the day of and an Eventbrite link, for you to reserve the appropriate ticket for PixieHacks().


Renee Robbie

Renee Robbie
Co-founder / LookBooker

Megan Sullivan

Megan Sullivan
Curriculum Developer / Girls Who Code

Corinne Hoener

Corinne Hoener
Engineering Manager / Tumblr

Judging Criteria

  • Swagulous
    Is it cool? Is it functional? Is it something your grandparents and your six year old cousin want to use? Is it something you wanted to make, and you pushed yourself to do?

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